Health : We are making a concerted effort to empower the people of the target community through a comprehensive Health Education Program . It covers important informative inputs on immunization , low cost nutrition , hygiene , sanitation , pre-natal care

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We Naihati New Life Society running an open shelter (Orphanage) named MUKHTADHARA in urban area for the children in need of care and protection particularly beggers, street children, Orphaned, Working Children, trafficked and runaway children and also children of migrant

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We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. Naihati New Life Society will be a global force and a partner of choice within a worldwide movement

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To raise the social consciousness of the people especially for the down-trodden of the society and to work for their comprehensive sustainable development through the ideas of Livelihood work and make them self-reliant in every aspects of life.


To make an egalitarian society where people will enjoy social and economic justice, freedom and democratic rights, meaningful co-existence with nature and environment and work for continuous nourishment of culture based on the respect for human values.

Our Causes

Tangible Accomplishment

We have achieved success in building up self –reliant communities that are capable of chart...

The process of development is highly dynamic.

At the same time Dynamism is the key attribute of our organization. Since the onset of our developme...


The emergence of the organization was an outcome of the pent-up developmental passion of a h...

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Tangible Accomplishment
We have achieved success in building up self –reliant communities that are capable of chart
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  • 2019
Save Water! Save Life
Water is an essential part of our life, without it we cannot live. But, unfortunately, we are wasting water very much. We should stop it immediately. We are pledging to save water so that mankind would get help from it.
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  • 2020
Consumer Awarness
Consumer is the essential part of our life. The day-to-day corruption is getting its hand on the consumer very much. Consumer is cheated very much. We think of it, organizing consumer awareness program in our area, so that each and









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The situation of lockdown imposed upon us by the Corona Virus Pandemic had a hard impact on the l...

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