Community Developments

A Community Development:We have adopted an integrated approach in engineering the development of the community Schedule Cast within our area of operation.

The community lies within Barrack Pore -1 Block of North 24 Parganas District .We have identified a vicious cycle of problems in the community ranging from poverty to Health problems. The different problems are intricately associated with each other thus giving rise to a nexus of problems.

Our strategic approach to alleviate the problems covers the following dimensions:

Integrated Approach : Our development model covers a bouquet of program components covering Skill- Development , Income –Generation , Health Education , Population Education , Natural Resource Management etc . In our integrated development model there are different program components which in turn address the different prevailing problems in the community.

Community Based Approach: Our development model aims at judicious utilization of the resources of the community . Through our Resource Identification & Development Program we facilitate the formation of an effective resource pool within the community . This dedicated human resource is judicious deployed for planning & managing the community based developmental program .

Inclusive Approach : Our Development Model is inclusive by nature . We cover all sections of people in the community as the part of development. They are motivated to involve themselves as the active instruments for catalyzing the process of development .

Age Care Program: Comprehensive health care of the senior citizens

Eye Care Program: Emotional Support to senior citizens through counseling, recreational therapy etc. Integrating the Senior Citizens with developmental activities where they can express their knowledge and expertise for facilitation of the programs

Educational Program for the Destitute Children: We are running a pre-primary educational unit for the children of the poverty stricken families of the village. They are provided with the rudimentary academic inputs to that they adapt with the curriculum of primary schools . The trained teachers from our institution are playing instrumental role in facilitating joyful learning among the students. The touch care, concern and solicitude helps in the process of of making them emotionally enriched

Heath Care Program: Among the wage earning labourers of Harishpur we are infusing the valued inputs of health Education. This is making it possible for them to get enriched with scientific education and efface the erroneous notions from their mental canvas.

Charitable Health Dispensary: Through this initiative we try to alleviate the primary health problems of the; local people. They are also supported with Health Counseling for promoting the status of their health