Covid 19

Covid 19


With the highest rate of density of population in the world a pandemic like COVID-19 is devastating for India. The country has been hit incredibly hard by the virus and the extremely strict lockdown laws in place to combat infection. While the Government has put efforts in place to support at risk people there is still a tremendous need. We are fortunate to live in a “Green Zone” where there are relatively low cases; other areas are seeing thousands of new cases each day. As time goes on it is expected that the virus will become more prominent in our area, thankfully a lower population density will work in our favor if/when it does.

Social Distancing does NOT mean Social Disconnect

Post lockdown, many elders are feeling isolated and are susceptible to depression, especially those living alone. Simple pleasures like morning walks, going to the market or visiting their grandchildren are now curtailed. With most elders, their part time daily help are also no longer coming into their homes, adding to both physical and mental strain on them. It is therefore, very important that we be connected with them whether through WhatsApp, phone etc. During the lockdown we are urging youngsters to spend time with their grandparents or elderly parents at home, and make them digitally literate. This wills not only help an elder become independent in the long run, it will also help relieve loneliness and mental stress they might be going through. So much can be done behind locked doors in a positive way. The aim is to Show them that You Care.


Meanwhile our teams on ground are working hard during the lockdown, reaching out to the disadvantaged elders, the homeless, migrant workers and poor living urban slums & villages, providing them with the following: Free Meals for Survival – to the homeless family’s on roads, elders in old age homes, in urban slums and migrant daily wage labourers who have nowhere and no one to turn to. Most elders or earning members in their family, have lost their livelihood, during this period and don’t have enough food to survive. More than 5,000 of these meals have been distributed. Family Survival Kits – which include basic ration like Rice, Wheat, Spices, cooking oil etc. along with Corona protective gear like masks, bathing and washing soaps, for disadvantaged elders and their family. This package has been made in consultation with the communities of elderly. During these difficult times, we have seen the vulnerable elderly come forward to help their peers. Elder Village Level Federations (Elder-Self-Help-Groups) have dipped into their own savings to provide ration support to the destitute and widows in their villages. Protective Hygiene Kits for our elders & their family, to fight COVID 19 which include Sanitizers, Mask, Tissues, Hand wash etc.


There is always hope. Even in the darkest of nights we can remember that the dawn will eventually come. We are reminding ourselves and our children of this fact as we read stories and reports of the horrors that others have endured these last few months. In the hope of inspiring our supporters and providing a little update of life here in lockdown, we put together this quick little video – may it bring some joy into your life.