Muktadhara Orphanage

About the Programme

We believe that every child needs the warmth of family love. A ‘Muktadhara’ is a loving residential home, where we care for vulnerable children to provide them with a compassionate family environment. A close-knit group of around 50 children of the ages 6 to 18 live as a unit in these group homes called “Muktadhara Pariwar”, The programme focuses on providing good education, nutritious food, excellent physical and mental health and plenty of growth opportunities to the children. A committed team of caregivers consisting of ‘Mentor Parents’ that are lifetime volunteers, professional social workers and other child or mental health care professionals work together to provide the love, protection and guidance that children need to flower. We have placed such homes in middle-class neighbourhoods, and this facilitates a lot of community participation and interaction. Muktadhara kids flourish as they turn into productive and responsible members of society.

Programme Objective.

Uplifting Vulnerable Children.

We nurture children who lack the protection of their primary caregivers through the Muktadhara Programme. With access to mentoring support, parental guidance, nutritious food, education, extracurricular activities, clothing and physical and mental health care, our children develop into self-reliant, socially abiding and responsible citizens of tomorrow. The values we instil in our children inspire them to make a positive difference in society when they grow up.

A child’s family is his or her first exposure to the world. Children acquire abilities and learn about value systems through parents and siblings. Most children that come to Muktadhara’s have lost the protection of their families. The programme builds a loving and supportive family environment for at-risk children. Living life in such an environment reinforces the importance of family in the hearts of children and promotes social integration. Knowing they have a family to turn to in their hour of need increases their belongingness, self-worth and sense of security. Our children and young adults learn to form healthy and safe relationships, and one day have families of their own!

Guaranteeing Quality Education

At Muktadhar’s, children have abundant opportunities to hone their progress based on individual talents, academic interests, skills and aptitudes. Muktadhara prepares and registers children living in home in the most appropriate educational and vocational institutions, and supports throughout their enrolment. The Muktadhara team encourages children to work hard. The paired dedication of children and the caregiving team results in our children thriving at school and in their vocations.

Fostering Physical and Positive Mental Health

At Muktadhara, we look after the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children by addressing their unique health and psychological needs. Children that come to Muktadhara have often suffered malnourishment, illness and unimaginable trauma, which stems from past exposure to loss, neglect or abuse. Regular health check-ups, timely vaccinations and a well-researched mental health care setup are in place at the home, supplemented by accessible trauma-informed care. These activities address any physical and emotional issues and cultivate psychological resilience in our children; they grow feeling loved, understood, and optimistic about the future, and develop into responsible citizens.

All-rounded Development

A stable environment teamed with loving attention, plenty of opportunities, training, camps and recreational activities encourage proper physical and psychological development of children under the long-term care of Muktadhara’s. We motivate children to advance their innate talents and pursue hobbies, as well as to play sports and experience the wonders of creativity through various forms of art. Muktadhara children value diversity and believe in mutual respect regardless of socio-economic brackets such as gender, race, ethnicity, economic status, caste or religion.

Aftercare and Permanent Rehabilitation.

We have set up the Aftercare programme to support our children from Muktadhara’s over the age of 18 until they reach financial independence, thereby ensuring a ‘continuum of care’ even after they reach adulthood. Muktadhara remains by their side, adjusting them to their jobs and marriages as per their needs, talents and education. Children from Muktadhara’s remain a part of the Naihati New Life Society’s family for life—long after they are well-settled adults.

What makes us different

Individualised Care

We realize that each child is unique and needs special attention; Every child has his care plan, made in consultation with the child in question and the caregiving team at the child’s, yielding a 360-degree approach. Children develop a sense of trust and bonding with the group they are entrusted with; even children that are new to a Muktadhara adapt quickly with the special attention they get.

Caregivers stay with the children day and night. They look after the household chores and daily care while addressing the children’s’ safety, personal hygiene, nutrition and health, as well as fostering community support and participation. Social Workers are responsible for legal concerns regarding the care of children. They counsel caregivers and children, often serving as a link between the various stakeholders. Individualized Care for Physical and Mental Well-being Quality Education Vocational Training Aftercare Opportunities for Growth Alumni Network Researching Our Work with Child Participation.

Protection of Our Children.

All children deserve to be brought up in a safe environment. We here at The Naihati New Life Society believe that protection of the children in our care is extremely important. We work hard to provide an environment where inmates are safe, treated with respect and dignity. Working with Indian and International rules and guidelines for the protection of children we have implemented a number of policies with the assistance of numerous organizations and professional advice.

Protection Policies

Regulations in line with Indian Laws (JJ Act 2015) and embrace the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

CCTV System.

closed circuit tv camera systems operate night and day in all public spaces across our compound to assist in keeping our children safe.

Safety Awareness

We partner with social workers, national and international organizations to train our staff and children in safety awareness.

Volunteer Screening.

We carefully screen each and every volunteer and visitor who enter our gates. References are checked and more than 80% of applicants are turned away.