Street Children

Our Shelter Program for the children is an instrumental initiative which vividly reflects our empathetic commitment towards the most vulnerable group of the society. This is a care and support program for the hapless children of the society including the orphans, destitute, pavement dwellers, children of the sex –workers, children with disability, rescued children etc. Our shelter provides a safe accommodation to them and protects them from molestation and abuse. Health care is a cardinal component of the Shelter project. Emphasis is placed both upon curative as well as preventive approach. Values and ethics are being embedded within their psychic constitution through our VALUE EDUCATION PROGRAM. We believe that every child has got a latent cultural acumen. Hence conscious efforts are being made to facilitate the catharsis of cultural inputs from them.

Our model of JOYFUL LEARNING facilitates them to undergo experiential learning. We expect that by dint of experiential learning they will be gradually enriched with the basic academic inputs as well as socio-cultural inputs. It is our mission to inscribe the lyrics of optimism and the saga of holistic development in the blank canvas of their mind. Our concerted effort will turn these deserted children into the architects of nation building