Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment :

Women in remote villages in India are very pragmatic and concerned with the issues in their villages. They have ideas and solutions but are rarely heard. We support groups of women who assemble to defend their rights. Developing women’s autonomy with new income.

One of our major objective is to develop the autonomy of women through income-generating activities. We started in 2014 with the very isolated village of Harishpur. We taught women in the village to make jam & Jelly. Very quickly, the opportunity to develop new skills and earn an income delighted them. Soon, they made the jams themselves, carefully incorporating spices. In the following years we have diversified the income generating activities by investing in sewing machines, Soft Toys making and spice making machines for women.

Support, training and workshops for the empowerment of women We help create women self-help groups and support existing groups through trainings and workshops in:

  • Training in women’s rights
  • Training in food processing
  • Training in water management
  • Hygiene and sanitation training
  • Leadership training
  • Market gardening trainings
  • Tailoring Training
  • Computer Training
  • Beautician Training

Entrepreneurship development through Self-Help Groups (SHG’s). Adult education and health are other areas of assistance.