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Working with the Tiger widows of Sundarban

We have started working with the tiger-widows of Gosaba block in Sundarbans. Tiger-widows are those whose husbands have been killed by the tigers while collecting honey, firewood or wax in the jungle area of the Sundarbans. These women, most of whom are illiterate find if very difficult to spend their lives alternate sources of livelihood are only a few.  Often they end up doing the same work that their husbands used to do i.e. collecting honey and other materials from the jungle. This too imposes threats to their families. Sometimes they work as agricultural labourers for which they get paid very less. Their children don't get proper education and they too fall prey to the same cycle. 

We have started our work by providing 100 tiger widows with ration and hygiene kits during the time of the pandemic. We have planned to provide them with skills which they would use as an alternate source of livelihood. Their children will get basic education and health-care facilities will be at their doorsteps. We want you also to come forward and donate us for this noble cause.