Our Causes


The emergence of the organization was an outcome of the pent-up developmental passion of a handful of doctors, teachers, professors, social workers  and altruistic individuals of West Bengal. Driven by our intense empathy towards the socio-economic problems of the underprivileged section of the society,we came up with the idea of creating an organization that would work relentlessly for the society. We called for a meeting and the members unanimously passed their consensus resolution to embody feelings of exercising sacrificial service in reality by establishing and starting a non-profit earning, undenominational, philanthropic society NAIHATI NEW LIFE SOCIETY (NNLS) at Naihati, a small but highly populous and popular megacity – a town on the bank of the Ganges river, 38 km from Kolkata in the district of 24 Parganas (North)) of West Bengal, India. The society thus embodied and born in Naihati, in the residential town of RISHI BANKIM CHANDRA CHATTOPADHYAY and the birthplace of his composed enchanting ‘BANDEMATARAM’.

Together, we believe that one day we shall stretch our wings beyond the boundaries of West Bengal.